My experience with breast cancer led me to questions my rational mind could never answer.  But the making of visual art led to a different kind of response.  When wondered what happened to the multitude of breasts lost to so many women including me, I found myself creating a diversity of fabric breasts.  I made two versions of this piece, using two different kinds of glass containers.


Where Do The Breasts Go? 
fabric and glass, 10" X 10", 2009


Where Do The Breasts Go? 
fabric and glass, 24" x 13", 2010


Many aspects of Jewish practice calmed and comforted me through my ordeal with breast cancer.  Later, I found that this was also true for many other people.  I made three fabric artworks inspired by my own and others’ experiences.  I adapted portions of these artworks for my book, Hard Blessings: Jewish Ways Through Illness.


Healing Waters, fabric applique, 16" x 24", 2012


In Thy Light, fabric applique, 17" x 22", 2012

Rise up, fabric appliqué, 21" x 15" 2012