Artist Statement

My current work stems from my discovery of felt as a medium for making sculptures. Using fiber from sheep, alpaca, and goats, I make and shape the felt into forms inspired by nature. Echoing the gentleness and the violence of nature, I incorporate seed pods, branches, thorns, rocks, and bones into my sculptures. Working in this way, I feel as if I hold in my hands the life cycle of the animals which provide the fiber and the generations of felt-makers who developed and refined this craft. My hope is to evoke in the viewer the mystery and deep connection of all that is and to expand the definition of what is beautiful.

All of my previous training and my professional and personal life experiences flow into my felt sculptures and my other visual artwork. My first career in African studies immersed me in cultures where there is no separation between craft, art, and spirit. My second career as a psychotherapist taught me to trust intuition and the wisdom of the unconscious mind. My experience with breast cancer led me to deep immersion in Jewish spiritual practice and to the solace of the trees, birds, and animals outside my then rural home.

My earlier visual works were inspired by concepts related to illness and healing and by my determination to repair aspects of Judaism that deny women and gay people our rightful voice in the community. I began by working in fabric.  Later, I created an installation that included performance art and photography. I also made a book combining collected personal stories with my own art.

Enjoy the evolution of my artwork!